Friday, April 13, 2012

Fishing report

What a fishing week this past one has been and again always feel so blessed to live in British Columbia “The best Place on Earth” . From Sturgeon fishing to Trout fishing with warming temperatures the fishing is just getting better and better.

We started out the week taking out a group of young anglers and had the chance to teach them all about fishing and the outdoors and how they can make a difference in the future years and have fun too. Being responsible for our resource is key and all agreed that having the chance to fish and to catch and release is only one part of the solution. We taught youth from 11 to 18 years of age to single hand fly fish, double hand Spey fish (the most loved this the best) and to float fish and to spin fish. Cover water effectively and make the best of all procedures, read water and set up gear. We did this on the Vedder River and even caught fish, way to go Hunter.

We did a number of Steelhead trips this week and had great results both float fishing and on the fly. The Vedder / Chilliwack River is in perfect shape and the fish are all over the river from top to bottom. Best results have been on dyed prawns and roe as well as Colorado blades. James had a great trip yesterday and 1st timers landed 2 Steelhead, great work James!

Sturgeon fishing has really started to come to life, we were on the river most everyday and had fish on all trips. We were thrilled to have 21 youth out fishing Sturgeon yesterday on a teaching and instructional day for conservation all boats caught fish. Learning about these prehistoric giants is fun for youth as they seem very connected to Dinosaurs. All youth had a chance to scan, measure and tag their own White Sturgeon. Over 50 fish were caught by the group for the day and the memory of this day will last a lifetime. Best baits were Eulachon and Lamprey eel and most fish were found still in deeper waters over 40 feet.

Trout Adventures this past week have been great with all the emerging Pink fry on the mainstem Fraser River and Harrison River. We have been doing great with fry patterns again – matching the fry type and also with small Hildebrandt lures in silver.

I am sure we will see a bump in the water levels soon with the warmer weather this week and this will continue to make fishing good to great.

I would also like to mention that the Fraser Valley Salmon Society will be holding its annual AGM – Annual General Meeting on March 27th at Evergreen Hall in Chilliwack and I personally encourage all of our followers to come along and to sign up for an annual membership. The Salmon Society has been fighting for the rights of all Recreational Anglers since 1984. Please visit their website at to see all the amazing things they are involved in and how they are committed to providing stable fishing opportunities for all who fish our waters in British Columbia. The more members we have the bigger our voice for the future, so please tell all your friends to join.

Looking forward to more great fishing this upcoming week with our friends, clients and guests.

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Tight loops and lines for another week, Chad <”)))><

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fishing Report for Fraser, harrison, Vedder, Liloette, Pitt, River British Columbia Canada

Fishing ReportFishing Report

Great salmon fishing now!

Chad's Fishing Charters Reports

July 11, 2011

If you are looking to get on the water now is the time. The salmon fishing is getting better every day and we have had lots of great fish already. The sturgeon fishing has been really good. Currently, we have excellent conditions, as the water is now starting to drop and the sturgeon are migrating towards summer feeding areas. It was a little slow about a week ago, but it has pick up again and by all accounts should continue to be awsome fishing now.

The chinook fishing has already been really good, it is still a bit sporadic but we are hooking fish on all adventures. Average size is very good and there has been a lot of mid-twenty pound fish taken. We have already had a lot of sockeye as well and this is very encouraging considering we will likely get a good opening for them this season. This is only a small picture of what is to come to the Fraser River, but it is very encouraging after last years season.

We are expecting a great sockeye return this season and the early seasons predictions are upwards of 8 million returning. Currently, we are booking trips for sockeye starting, tentatively, around the beginning of August. This will be prime time for Chinook Salmon as well so there will be good fishing regardless of whether the sockeye are open yet. During this time of year limits are quickly reached so we always have the sturgeon rods on board to finish off the day.

The Upper pitt river has been fishing very well for the last month now and should continue to do so for at least the next few weeks. The Sockeye Salmon will begin to arrive in august and there are a few chinooks in already. Trout fishing has been very good and many of our guests and friend have been rewarded with some great fishing.

As always, please remember to take your kids fishing: the great times on the water will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime!!

Chad's Fishing Charters reports

March 2, 2009

We have already kicked our year off with some great fishing. Our local river has been producing some absolutely fantastic steelhead this season and we have seen some really nice fish already. We have taken some big, bright steelheads and have released a few nice wild ones as well. Average size has been between 10-18 lbs. We have had good results in both conventional drift fishing and also fly fishing. This season has been a good season for many fly fishermen as they are experiencing exciting results due to the aggressive nature of our steelhead. If you would like to try out steelheading with a fly rod, this would be a good time to start! It is now heading into peak season and with the current river conditions it should be a fantastic few months. We are currently booking for winter steelhead, and if you are interested in a day out, give us a call for availability and dates.

This will also be a great year for salmon fishing! Forecasts indicate some super runs and with the pink salmon returning to the Fraser River this year, well have some good, solid fishing through to November. We are already booking salmon fishing adventures for the summer and fall fisheries, so if you would like some rates and info please give us a call! This season will book quickly as it is a pink salmon year and these tend to be the best runs. If you are interested in a fun and easy introduction to fishing for kids, or just an exciting and laidback day on the river with your friends, the pinks are what youre looking for: very easy to catch and with the epic run sizes you should have no problems hooking upwards of twenty salmon a day!

Right now, sturgeon fishing has been good on the days we have been out and with the light pressure they are receiving the fish are very aggressive. We are currently booking sturgeon fishing adventures now for April and May. Make sure you check out our special promotion running until the end of May. Book a boat for four and only pay for three!! If you need a spring fishing fix after the long winter, this would be a premium adventure. This offer is only available until the end of May, so give us a call we will book out fast!

June is coming shortly, and the Upper Pitt River will begin to fish well. This is a remote river adventure that truly needs to be experienced! The scenery is great, the fishing fantastic, and the ride up is exhilarating to say the least. These trips are best enjoyed in groups of three or less. The Pitt is a great fly fishing river with classic long runs and some great holding water. We primarily fish for sea run Dolly Varden, but we also hook chinooks and sockeye as well, although usually later in the season toward July. Gear fisherman will also find this a great river for fishing, since some spoons and jigs work phenomenally well. The fact that dollies are extremely voracious predators doesnt hurt either!

Vancouver Harbour winter springs are fishing relatively well. These fish are all about the bait find good bait and you will find the springs! The most popular areas for us have been around the freighters and over at Hutt Island; although it really depends on the bait we are using, as we have had them all over the areas we have fished. We have had most of our luck on coyotes and blood and bones hootchies, and they have ranged in depth anywhere from bottom to about ninety feet. Best tip right now that we can give is using UV products such as the pro-cure gels. These, and even some of the inserts to the hootchies I have played with, have produced some great results. Most of the time we have had over 50% of the fish on the UV gear. We have been dropping crab traps on all of our trips and have had some amazing pulls which is always a nice addition to your day. If you would like to get out and experience some winter spring action let us know and we will set it up for you.

Good fishing to all !!!

Chad's Fishing Charters reports

October 8 2008

Fall is here and so are the salmon!! After a few months of great fishing we have finally arrived at the best part of our season. There are so many opportunities right now the biggest problem is what to fish for and where to go.

We are fishing salmon and sturgeon on a daily basis right now and the fishing is great. We have had a few slow days but they have been sporadic thankfully.

The Fraser River sturgeon fishing has been nothing short of fantastic, there was a slow period about a week long two weeks ago but that was due to poor tides and the fish just would not move to baits well. This is thankfully not a problem any more and the fishing is right back to where it was before. We are hooking anywhere between 5 and 15 fish a day right now and we had a great day four days ago with 21. We have seen some huge fish and have lost a couple hefties but we have also landed some great ones with the biggest last week 10ft 2. We have seen many in the 6 and 7ft class. We will be fishing well into November for sturgeon and the fishing will only get better now as the fish start to feed heavily for winter.

Salmon fishing is getting into full swing right now and there are chinook, Coho, chum salmon and sockeye in our rivers right now and they are all biters right now. Chum salmon have been a bit finicky and taking very short but if you are quick you will still get them on jigs, wool, and now bait

The chinook fishing in the Harrison River has been good but it will get better now that there is no bait ban. We have taken a few fish on plugs already and as they stage up they will become more aggressive.

Coho are in our rivers but we have not started targeted them heavily yet as they are still to sporadic and spread out. As we get closer to the end of October this will change and they will be in much bigger numbers. The Vedder River is still the best bet for Coho's right now and we will be targeting them with spoons and spinners now.

Fly fishing is starting up now and there is lots of fun to be had hooking salmon in the Harrison River, even a few cutthroats around. The Fraser River is a great place to start looking for some really bright chums and Coho with the fly gear, we have been swinging bright flashy flies such as popsicles and chum nightmares for the chum salmon and clousers and mudlers for the Coho

Now is a great time to take a kid salmon fishing, the fishing is relitively easy and they will enjoy the fishery so much they will be hooked for life.

Great Winter steelhead fishing and more to come!!

January 19 2008

Happy new year to all and a great upcoming season to everyone!

Fishing report

This month has already turned out to be a great month for fishing. The winter steelhead fishing has been good in comparison to previous years. The steelhead have been in great shape this season and many fish are larger than average. Most of our fishing has been done on the lower Vedder River. Fishing the lower reaches of the river will give the opportunity of fresh fish that have not seen much gear. These fish are quite aggressive and will take well presented baits. We have already seen a few fish taken on the fly and this will continue to improve as we get closer to March. If you are interested in fishing for steelhead let us know and we will set it up for you.

April remote adventure

We will be doing trips to the Lillooet River in the month of April targeting early season Spring Salmon, steelhead and trout. This is one of British Columbia’s premier fishing destinations and is an adventure you don’t want to miss. This is a remote fishing location where there are seldom people. The scenic ride up Harrison lake and up the river in our comfortable, heated jet boat will make this an adventure you don’t want to miss. Long sweeping runs with lots of structure and great tail outs are perfect for all styles of fly fishing and if you are not a fly fisherman you will do well casting small spoons and spinners. The main target during these trips is for chinook and steelhead as this is prime time for both, but if they do not cooperate the trout fishing is amazing at the least with many resident rainbows, bull trout and cutthroat in the river feeding on salmon fry as they exit the system.

Spring sturgeon fishing

We are currently not fishing sturgeon right now as the water has been quite cold and they are very lethargic at the time. Sturgeon fishing will start back up in March as the fish become more active with the warmer water. The fishing will start off very well as most of these big fish have not seen much food for a few months and they will be hungry. This is a prime time to get out and enjoy the nice weather crystal clear mountain views and have some fun catching some really great fish. To top it all off the eulachon will begin their annual spawning run providing some of the best sturgeon fishing around. To book your sturgeon fishing adventure give us a call at 1-604-316-6461 or send us an email

Chad's Fishing Charters Reports

July 17th 2007

Sturgeon fishing has been hot since the beginning of July, with fish from four feet to 9 feet being taken on a regular basis. The best fishing has been in the Fraser River between Mission and Agassiz. We are finding that the most popular bait has been lamprey and roe, although they are still taking the usual ditch eels, dew worms, and eulichons as well.

Salmon have been arriving steadily since June, and their numbers are due to increase as the season progresses. Spring salmon fishing is a little slow in the Fraser River right now due to high water levels, but is quite consistent in the Vedder and Chehalis rivers. We find that drift fishing is the most effective method in these areas. Keep an eye out for deep, slow pools and fish with red wool, good roe, and spoons. Sockeye have been in the Fraser River since June, and the Department of Fisheries suggests selective fishing methods that don’t target sockeye to protect this fishery. Therefore, they are still closed but should be opening by the first week of August. We’re looking forward to the pink salmon around September, as they do every second year on the Fraser River. They add an exciting dimension to any fishing adventure, and are especially great for family fishing, due to their large numbers, and the way they aggressively hit

We have not focused our fishing on trout during this time, due to the quality and availability of salmon and sturgeon. The Pitt and Lillooet rivers are a good place to fish for trout during August. Similarly, summer steelhead are still available in the Chehalis; however, we prefer to book adventures for winter steelhead starting in December when they are more prevalent in numbers.

We still have some dates available for prime fishing season, but they are filling up quickly. Make sure to book your sturgeon adventure during the October feeding frenzy ahead of time, prime dates are going fast! Don’t forget about the beautiful fall salmon fisheries that we are lucky enough to experience here in B.C. Call us at 1-604-316-6461 or e-mail us at to book your trip!

Sturgeon Fishing in British Columbia

April 25th 2007

The sturgeon fishing is good. I know that I have not posted much lately because we have been out so much. As of the beginning of april the Fraser River has started to come up. The rising water has turned the fishing on and the sturgeon are moving better to the baits now. We have had a few slow days but there have been tonnes of great days. Our daily average has been about eight to ten fish. All the fish this season are in good shape and the sizes have averaged between 5 and 10 feet!!!

We are hooking sturgeon on eulichons, lampreys and even a few dew worms have produced fish. As we get closer to May and the high water the sturgeon fishing will only get better. The sturgeon will start to key in on eulichons mainly and feed very heavily on these. This will be one of the best times to get a chance to hook a very big fish. We are fishing downstream of Mission mainly right now with most of the fishing done around the mouth of the Stave River and all the way to the Port mann bridge. We still have a few spaces available for sturgeon fishing this month and a few left for May.

If you want to get on the river and take advantage of our early season special give us a call at 1-604-316-6461 or email us at to find out what dates would work best for you.

Fraser River Salmon Fishing

April 25th 2007

Our Salmon season is just around the corner and with all projections it sounds like it will be another great year. We have already heard of a few big king salmon (springs) in the river. This year will see another season much like last year with many great sized fish and some great sunny weather. This season we will have another Pink Salmon year and some great sockeye fishing in august. We will have a very high water year on the Fraser River this season with our snow pack being one of the biggest in many years. This will be good for our summer fishery with no concerns about low water and warm river temperature. We are currently booking for June, July spring salmon fishing and august sockeye salmon. These are our prime months for summer salmon fishing and will book very fast. Our salmon fishing will be mainly drift fishing and bar fishing.

If you want to get in on the salmon action this year with us, give us a call at 1-604-316-6461 or send us an email at to set up a prime day of fishing on the Fraser River

Steelhead fishing in British Columbia

April 25th 2007

We have been having a great steelhead season. Most of our rivers are in prime shape right now and are producing some great winter/spring steelhead fishing. We have been primarily fishing the Vedder/Chiliwack River and it has not let us down yet. The river now has a good number of fish in it and there seems to be fish spread very evenly throughout the system. Water conditions have been pretty good this week and the river has been rising steadily with the beginning of snow melt. if you can get out on the river take advantage of the last few days of the drift fishing season on the vedder.

Most of our fishing has been in the upper Tamihi area and any where up or down from here has produced good numbers of fish. All the usual baits have been producing well and there hasn’t been a definite trend this year as to what the fish prefer. The trick just seems to be finding them, they have been very aggressive once you find them.The Vedder River will be open for fly fishing only as of May 1st.

If you are interested in a day of fishing please give us a call and take advantage of our early season special. We can be reached at 1-604-316-6461 or email us at

Trout Fishing in British Columbia

April 25th 2007

We are currently booking for Pitt River and Lillooet River fly fishing adventures for bull and cutthrout trout. This is a premier trout fishery that is beyond reality. Give us a call to set up your dates. If you are interested give us a call at 1-604-316-6461 or email us at

The trout fishing has been good lately especially on the Harrison river and Lake. We are mainly fishing for cutthroat trout’s but we have had a few rainbows thrown in as well.

We are not fishing for trout as heavily at this time because of the great steelhead fishing we have had. Most of the trout’s that we have had have also been on the Chilliwack(Vedder) River system. These have been taken more or less by accident as we have fished for steelhead. The trout in the Vedder/Chilliwack range from 10 to 18 inches with anything over being steelhead. We have taken most trout on glo-bug type patterns due to the large amount of roe being fished by others. We always look forward to the opportunity to show someone the great trout fishing that we have. Our trout do not get a lot of fishing pressure because everyone is looking for steelhead and salmon. Most of the days that we are out fly-fishing for trout’s we do catch a few steelhead as well as they are very receptive to small glo bug patterns as well. The only problem lies with trying to control a ten pound fish on four weight fly gear. If you are interested in fly- fishing for trout give us a call we would love to show you what we have to offer.

Chad's Fishing Charters is committed to the practice of resposible catch and release. We encourage all fishermen to manage our resource responsibly and take ownership of the fantastic fishing British Columbia has to offer. We believe that fishing is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Please continue to keep British Columbia as pristine as it is now. We encourage the opportunity to take a child fishing and teach them how much our outdoors has to offer. Please continue to keep fishing something that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sturgeon Fishing British Columbia

Sturgeon Fishing with
Want to experience the ancient, the ferocious, the mammoth fresh water Sturgeon? In British Columbia, you can. We can help you find ‘em. A two-person operation, taking down one of these six of seven foot ‘dinosaurs’ is an indescribable experience; from the first hit, to the anchor’s release and the big chase, there is no rivalled sport in British Columbia! And it takes place in our backyard, the mighty Fraser, grounds for world-class Sturgeon fishing adventures second to none (March1 to December 15 ideal). A quality photo of you and your sturgeon is provided at no charge. This is a catch and release fishing experience, and the best the Fraser Valley has to offer. Drop in your 130-pound test line, and away we go!
Call now 1-604-316-6461
Or email

Friday, October 30, 2009

Avalible Dates for fishing

Chad's Fishing charters still has some great dates available for late October and all of November salmon and sturgeon trip combos. Book your adventure today! 604-316-6461
Chad's Fishing charters Ltd offers 16 professional fishing guides with 21 to 24 foot Jet boats for your comfort and enjoyment. Book your guided fishing trip today! 604-316-6461

Fishing Report Harrison River

The Harrison River is full of Chum salmon and more and more Coho and Chum are entering daily! This river will fish well right into early December. The great fishing and amazing scenery make this river a great place to spend a day!

Fishing Report Vedder Chilliwack Rivers

The Vedder Chilliwack River system is UP and down like a yo yo! There are plenty of fresh fish entering the river daily. Coho and chum fishing should remain strong right into november. We offer walk and wade instructional trips that teach you everything you need to know about becoming more successful on your salmon and steelhead quest on this river system.